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Data Recovery

Mobile Phone, Hard Drive & Laptop Data Recovery Services

Dubbo data recovery services. Nova Dubbo specialises in Apple iPhone, no power issues, severe breakage and water affected devices. Data recovery is often a difficult and complex process that presents many challenges and problems. In most instances, devices that require this service are severely damaged and beyond economic repair. Fortunately, our expert recovery technicians can retrieve family holidays photos and irreplaceable documents from even the most extreme damage.

Your Hard Drive is clicking or non-responsive?
Sometimes, hard drives can just seem to crash for no apparent reason, the drive wont sync to the computer or you may even hear a strange clicking noise coming from inside. Unfortunately, these are all very common issues and the cause can vary over a wide range of faults or miss practice. In any instance, if this has happened to you, don’t worry, we have encountered this issue many times and have a high success rate in recovering the lost data.
Your Hard Drive has a Virus and the Data is Corrupted?
If bug has found its way into your Hard Drive and has corrupted the data inside the files, you may not be able to access them or you may see strange coding where the data used to be. Malicious Malware can be transmitted to our hard drives in several ways including, sketchy downloads from the web or transition from device to device. In any case, regardless of the aggressiveness of the malware or the depth of encryption,we can.

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